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Nanjun culture

Staff thinking and behavior code
One heart: tree ambition.
Second Love: South Chun cause of passion, have feelings for Nanjun team.
Three moves: Talking about South Jun to be excited, to accept the task to be touched, do a good job fast moving.

Staff professionalism
Diligent in learning, good at innovation, willing to sacrifice;
Optimistic, loyal and dedication, self-denial.

Culture leads the mechanism to protect
Nanjun employees in the process of joint ventures, formed a "Nan Chun career is a common cause of Nanjun people," the core concepts and to "brave in the sword, always strive for the first, move forward" as the core content of South Chun culture.
Nanjun emphasizes the culture to lead and organize the management equally, with the culture leads to inspire the individual consciousness, in order to organize the management to realize the unison. The initiative of the individual and the organization of a high degree of unity, this is the magic Nanjun success.

bonus system
South Chun advocating all corners of the globe to absorb talent, but also advocate the ability to talk about heroes.
Nanjun established an open, fair and transparent mechanism for selection of talents and established promotion channels for all kinds of talents in order to meet the expectations of employees for growth and progress.
Nanjun has established a salary system with both guaranteed and performance-based incentives, emphasizing that salaries should be synchronized with social development, be coordinated with the surrounding environment, and be industry competitive.